Akiva WebBoard 8.x SQL Injection Vulnerability

EDB-ID: 18293 CVE: 2011-5203 OSVDB-ID: 78069
Author: Alexander Fuchs Published: 2011-12-30 Verified: Verified
Exploit Code:   Download Vulnerable App:   N/A


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# Exploit Title: Akiva Webboard 8.x SQL Injection + Plaintext Passwords 
in Profiles.
# Google Dork: " /Powered by WebBoard 8"/
# Date: 30.12.2011
# Author: Alexander Fuchs
# Software Link: http://www.akiva.com/default.asp?l=1&id=8
# Version: 8.x
# Tested on: Windows, Linux.
# CVE :  Nope.

It is possible to login as administrator with admin'-- as username and 
You can now go in the  admin profil to look at the password which is in  
plaintext in html.