PhotoPost Pro 5.1 showmembers.php Multiple Parameter XSS

EDB-ID: 25309 CVE: 2005-0928 OSVDB-ID: 15097
Author: Diabolic Crab Published: 2005-03-28 Verified: Verified
Exploit Code:   Download Vulnerable App:   N/A


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Multiple input validation vulnerabilities reportedly affect PhotoPost Pro. These issues are due to a failure of the application to properly sanitize user-supplied input prior to using it to carry out critical actions.
The first set of issues are cross-site scripting vulnerabilities that affect the 'slideshow.php', 'showgallery.php', and 'showmembers.php' scripts. These issues arise as the application fails to properly sanitize input passed through the offending functions before including it in dynamically generated Web content.
The second set of issues are SQL injection vulnerabilities that affect the 'showmembers.php' and 'showphoto.php' scripts. The application includes the value of the offending parameters without sanitization, allowing an attacker to inject SQL syntax and manipulate SQL queries.
An attacker may leverage these issues to carry out cross-site scripting and SQL injection attacks against the affected application. This may result in the theft of authentication credentials, destruction or disclosure of sensitive data, and potentially other attacks.