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These searches locate vulnerable servers. These searches are often generated from various security advisory posts, and in many cases are product or version-specific.

DATE Title Summary
2010-11-15 inurl:"/modules/friendfinder/" XOOPS Module Friendfinder ...
2010-11-15 powered by QT-cute v1.2 QuickTalk v1.2 (Source code disclosure) Multiple Vulnerabilities:
2010-11-15 Powered by DorsaCms DorsaCms (ShowPage.aspx) Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability:
2010-11-15 "Powered by ProjectCMS" ProjectCMS 1.0b (index.php sn) Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability - CVE: 2009-1500: http://www....
2010-11-15 "Desenvolvido por: Fio Mental" Fiomental & Coolsis Backoffice Multi Vulnerability:
2010-11-15 "/subcat.php?cate_id=" AJ Auction Pro All Versions (subcat.php) Remote SQL Injection - CVE: 2007-1298: http://www.expl...
2010-11-15 [ Powered by: RadBids Gold v4 ] RadBIDS GOLD v4 Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities - CVE: 2009-3529:
2010-11-15 allinurl:offers_buy.php?id= Alibaba Clone Platinum (offers_buy.php) SQL Injection Vulnerability - CVE: 2010-1725: http://ww...
2010-11-15 Lebi soft Ziyaretci Defteri_v7.5 ... Lebi soft Ziyaretci Defteri_v7.5 DB Download Vulnerabilit - CVE: 2010-1065: http://www.exploit-...
2010-11-15 "index.php?option=com_news_portal" or &q... iJoomla News Portal (Itemid) Remote SQL Injection - CVE: 2008-2676:
2010-11-15 [ Content Copyright © 2007 RadNics Gold ] RadNICS Gold v5 Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities - CVE: 2009-4696:
2010-11-15 "Powered by MobPartner" inurl:"chat... MobPartner Chat Multiple Sql Injection Vulnerabilities:
2010-11-15 inurl:"com_fastball" Joomla Fastball component 1.1.0-1.2 SQL Injection - CVE: 2009-3443:
2010-11-15 intext:"Powered by Atomic Photo Album 1.1.0pr... Atomic Photo Album 1.1.0pre4 Blind SQL Injection - CVE: 2008-4335:
2010-11-15 Powered by Comersus v6 Shopping Cart Comersus Shopping Cart v6 Remote User Pass:
2010-11-15 inurl:/jobsearchengine/ I-net Multi User Email Script SQLi Vulnerability:
2010-11-15 "index.php?option=com_rwcards" Joomla Component RWCards 2.4.3 Remote SQL Injection - CVE: 2007-1703:
2010-11-15 Powered by CMScout (c)2005 CMScout Group CMScout 2.08 SQL Injection Vulnerability:
2010-11-15 inurl:/jobsearchengine/ I-net Multi User Email Script SQLi Vulnerability:
2010-11-15 allinurl:offers_buy.php?id= EC21 Clone 3.0 (id) SQL Injection Vulnerability - CVE: 2010-1726: