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Exploits by Jerome Athias

Date D A V Title Platform Author
2009-08-24 - Verified Huawei SmartAX MT880 - Multiple CSRF Vulnerabilities hardware Jerome Athias
2008-12-28 - Verified w3af UserGuide French papers Jerome Athias
2008-12-12 - Verified Microsoft Visual Basic ActiveX Controls mscomct2.ocx Buffer Overflow PoC windows Jerome Athias
2008-11-23 - Verified Microsoft XML Core Services DTD - Cross-Domain Scripting PoC (MS08-069) windows Jerome Athias
2008-03-25 - Verified e107 Plugin My_Gallery 2.3 - Arbitrary File Download Vulnerability php Jerome Athias
2007-06-28 - Verified PC SOFT WinDEV 11 - WDP File Parsing Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability windows Jerome Athias
2006-07-07 - Verified WinRAR <= 3.60 beta 6 (SFX Path) Local Stack Overflow Exploit (french) windows Jerome Athias
2006-06-24 - Verified XM Easy Personal FTP Server 5.0.1 (Port) Remote Overflow PoC windows Jerome Athias
2006-05-03 Download Vulnerable Application Verified Golden FTP Server Pro 2.70 - (APPE) Remote Buffer Overflow PoC windows Jerome Athias
2006-02-25 Download Vulnerable Application Verified ArGoSoft FTP Server <= - Remote Buffer Overflow PoC windows Jerome Athias
2005-06-02 - Verified e-Post SPA-PRO 4.01 (imap) Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit windows Jerome Athias
2005-05-04 - Verified I-Mall Commerce (i-mall.cgi) Remote Command Execution Exploit cgi Jerome Athias
2005-04-29 Download Vulnerable Application Verified BulletProof FTP Server - Local Privilege Escalation Exploit windows Jerome Athias
2005-02-15 Download Vulnerable Application Verified Savant Web Server 3.1 - Remote BoF (French Win OS support) windows Jerome Athias
2004-11-17 - Verified PHPBB 2.0.x Admin_cash.PHP Remote PHP File Include Vulnerability php Jerome Athias
2004-08-24 - Verified Web-APP.Org WebAPP 0.8/0.9.x - Directory Traversal Vulnerability cgi Jerome Athias