+--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ # Exploit Title : WebfolioCMS <= 1.1.4 CSRF (Add Admin/Modify Pages) # Date : 28-02-2012 # Author : Ivano Binetti (http://ivanobinetti.com) # Software link : http://sourceforge.net/projects/webfolio-cms/files/WebfolioCMS-1.1.4.zip/download # Vendor site : http://webfolio-cms.sourceforge.net/ # Version : 1.1.4 and lower # Tested on : Debian Squeeze (6.0) # Original Advisory: http://ivanobinetti.blogspot.com/2012/02/webfoliocms-114-csrf-add-adminmodify.html +--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ +------------------------------------------[CSRF Vulnerabilities by Ivano Binetti]-----------------------------------------------+ Summary 1)Introduction 2)Vulnerabilities Description 3)Exploit 3.1 Add Administrator 3.2 Modify Web Page +--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ 1)Introduction Webfolio CMS "is a free, open-source, customized content management system, whose main purpose is creation of web sites for presenting someone's work, and portfolio-like websites". 2)Vulnerabilities Description WebfolioCMS 1.1.4 (and lower) is affected by a CSRF Vulnerability which allows an attacker to add a new administrator, modify a web pages, and change may any other WebfolioCMS's parameter. In this document I will demonstrate how to add an administrator account and how to modify an existing and published web pages. other parameters can be modified with little changes. 3)Exploit 3.1 Add Administrator

CSRF Exploit to add ADMIN account

3.2 Modify Web Page

CSRF Exploit to Modify published web page