# Exploit Title: phpMyFAQ 2.9.8 Stored XSS Vulnerability # Date: 28-9-2017 # Exploit Author: Nikhil Mittal (Payatu Labs) # Vendor Homepage: http://www.phpmyfaq.de/ # Software Link: http://download.phpmyfaq.de/phpMyFAQ-2.9.8.zip # Version: 2.9.8 # Tested on: MAC OS # CVE : 2017-15727 1. Description In phpMyFAQ before 2.9.9, there is Stored Cross-site Scripting (XSS) via an HTML attachment. 2. Proof of concept Exploit code XSS EXPLOIT Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a user having limited access rights to attachment section 2. Goto http://localhost/phpmyfaq/admin/?action=editentry 2. Upload the exploit code with .html extension at the place of attachements 3. Access the file url generated at /phpmyfaq/attachments/ 4. Reach to last file using directory traversal and XSS will triage 3. Solution Update to phpMyFAQ Version 2.9.9 http://download.phpmyfaq.de/phpMyFAQ-2.9.9.zip