File Thingie 2.5.5 - File Security Bypass

EDB-ID: 12617 CVE: N/A OSVDB-ID: 55934
Verified: Author: Jeremiah Talamantes Published: 2010-05-16
Download Exploit: Source Raw Download Vulnerable App: N/A
Title: File Thingie v2.5.5 File Security Bypass
Author: Jeremiah Talamantes (RedTeam Security)
Date: 5/15/2010

Application: File Thingie
Version: 2.5.5

There are security controls in place that attempt to prevent
users from uploading PHP files and also renaming them to PHP extensions. However
advanced security controls do not exist that would prevent a user from uploading
a text file containing PHP code. An attacker can exploit a weakness in the file
rename process allowing the attacker to rename a text file (containing code) to a 
.php extension and execute the script. 

This exploit demonstrates a way to backdoor File Thingie by uploading an *.inc file
that contains a backdoored copy of File Thingie, then uploading a *.txt file 
containing some PHP code that will overwrite ft2.php to execute the backdoored
copy of File Thingie. But first the *.txt file has to be renamed to a *.php
and then executed in the browser.

Test Environment:
* Tested on WAMP Server 2.0
* WAMP running on Windows XP, SP2 (EN)

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