ASP Classifieds SQL Injection

EDB-ID: 18613 CVE: 2007-2675 OSVDB-ID: 35597...
Verified: Author: r45c4l Published: 2012-03-17
Download Exploit: Source Raw Download Vulnerable App: N/A
# Exploit Title: ASP Classifieds Sql Injection
# Date: 17/03/2012
# Author: r45c4l
# Email:
# Script url:
# Version: N/A
# CVE : ()


Product Description :

ASP Classifieds is one of the most customizable Classified ad program
that exist for ASP and Access. Unlimited Images , unlimited categories
and much much more makes it perfect for those who wants to set up a used
stamps classifieds to those wanting to show and sell real estates. 

Product Cost : 58$

[ EXPL0!T ]

SQL Injection
p0c -

PoC - 


[Note: Tested on demo website]

d0rk - use your brain ;)

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Hoody, sam

All members of ICW, AH and darkc0de, and all Indian Hackers

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