Google dork Description: POWERED BY HIT JAMMER 1.0!
Google search: POWERED BY HIT JAMMER 1.0!
Submited: 2004-06-06
Hit Jammer is a Unix compatible script that allows you to manage the content and traffic exchange and make web changes, all without needing HTML. It is typicaly used by the underground sites on the Net who "pay for surfing ads" and advertise spam services or software.An attacker can find these sites by searching for the typical "powered by hit jammer !" frase on the bottom of the main page. Then if he changes the URL to www.target.com/admin/admin.php he is taken to the admin panel. Hit Jammer administrators are warned to protect this page with the .htaccess logon procedure, but many fail to do just that. In such cases, customer information like email addresses and passwords are in clear view of the attacker. Since human beings often use one simple password for many things this is a very dangerous practice.