Source: -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 === FOXMOLE - Security Advisory 2016-07-05 === Zoneminder multiple vulnerabilities ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Affected Versions ================= Zoneminder 1.29,1.30 Issue Overview ============== Vulnerability Type: SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Session Fixation, No CSRF Protection Technical Risk: high Likelihood of Exploitation: medium Vendor: Zoneminder Vendor URL: Credits: FOXMOLE employee Tim Herres Advisory URL: Advisory Status: Public CVE-Number: NA CVE URL: NA OVE-ID: OVI-ID: CWE-ID: CWE-89 CVSS 2.0: 4.3 (AV:N/AC:M/Au:N/C:P/I:N/A:N) Impact ====== During an internal code review multiple vulnerabilities were identified. The whole application misses input validation and output encoding. This means user supplied input is inserted in an unsafe way. This could allow a remote attacker to easily compromise user accounts or access the database in an unsafe way. Issue Description ================= The following findings are only examples there are quite more. The whole application should be reviewed. All items tested using Firefox 1)Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Reflected: Reflected without authentication: Stored: Creating a new monitor using the name "Bla". There is only a clientside protection. 2)SQL Injection Example Url: Parameter: limit (POST) Type: stacked queries Title: MySQL > 5.0.11 stacked queries (SELECT - comment) Payload: view=request&request=log&task=query&limit=100;(SELECT * FROM (SELECT(SLEEP(5)))OQkj)#&minTime=1466674406.084434 Easy exploitable using sqlmap. 3)Session Fixation After a successful authentication the Session Cookie ZMSESSID remains the same. Example: Cookie before the login = ZMSESSID=26ga0i62e4e51mhfcb68nk3dg2 after successful login ZMSESSID=26ga0i62e4e51mhfcb68nk3dg2 4)No CSRF Proctection A possible CSRF attack form, which changes the password of the admin (uid=1), if the corresponding user activates it.
Temporary Workaround and Fix ============================ FOXMOLE advises to disable Zoneminder until the vendor publishes a complete fix. History ======= 2016-07-05 Issue discovered 2016-11-22 Vendor contacted, no response 2016-12-16 Vendor contacted again, still no response 2017-01-17 Vendor contacted --> working on a patch 2017-01-22 Vendor contacted, asked for an update and declare advisory release to 2017-02-02 --> no response 2017-02-02 Advisory Release GPG Signature ============= This advisory is signed with the GPG key of the FOXMOLE advisories team. The key can be downloaded here: -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAEBCAAdFiEEjrQMZqTYqiY2IftqOBIJIZnjJ3wFAliS758ACgkQOBIJIZnj J3y4Wg//fi1TrOCwVX4DemeKv2Wm4bf+sBlxhyWX6KRolylHYiReSuID+mAZvYyD UDMQkWcHKzDXTZKvkNXB6h70r3x/pKKR7SmlaNfFDeCbEgChzDaxCmlzcOaXIzSy D5S0quuT2OdpQmvMWtrMbJrqdP8I3AW5WJt2F5uc796eUEo9HZZuIC8MxzlzKdgR dLWyE3fPghECsPBFxstGS9M6iUHnQALYAf7KBVnQmDiidNpCRNzUx8l4YolejBT4 8aGfiQZFJDS8caR0NWWpf0stIayJNVCcxziaRAXyf8BkuHQIK5Ccpfy2q1V4hvWw tn1p7M8hrY+U1mhH6R8zpK+kcZ2WEvUQd4OCJ5fRB9zo+WFK3Hpr/z1iPTA8TPmd 0y3wwyQOmN1rzIwBEoKpRbPXKwK1bgXn9pwVYPOg7aapaePxtWQXL3zihN4BSQNw NVXHwuNxCCXH9NLB65MC4mopKPq+alVZUj2IJjDp0DuCP4lG2FFiVkUaf49tV0Mg 8f5GUTYuQCQsa8/acpm4NF40Y/vkaJ7SBzJ8T8j5TDqegnhbdEWlp5Ydx/Z2+Gb7 c6ZYeWxNmsShm01yBw0id75hANKdLBUdNdxTXjxvqryQx7kXQ7ua5TA9m4a0378c 3CBpM2Bor0RtFkhedLLRW4p+8aNUSYuj83ExNAbYk6ZkmcZ2q0E= =kFiq -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----