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Exploits by metasploit

Date D A V Title Platform Author
2015-09-29 - Verified ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer Remote Code Execution windows metasploit
2015-09-28 - Verified Watchguard XCS Remote Command Execution bsd metasploit
2015-09-28 - Verified Watchguard XCS FixCorruptMail Local Privilege Escalation bsd metasploit
2015-09-23 - Verified w3tw0rk / Pitbul IRC Bot Remote Code Execution multiple metasploit
2015-09-21 Download Vulnerable Application Verified Konica Minolta FTP Utility 1.00 Post Auth CWD Command SEH Overflow windows metasploit
2015-09-17 - Verified ManageEngine OpManager Remote Code Execution java metasploit
2015-09-17 - Verified MS15-078 Microsoft Windows Font Driver Buffer Overflow win64 metasploit
2015-09-15 - Verified MS15-100 Microsoft Windows Media Center MCL Vulnerability windows metasploit
2015-09-15 - Verified CMS Bolt File Upload Vulnerability php metasploit
2015-09-07 - Verified Endian Firewall Proxy Password Change Command Injection linux metasploit
2015-08-31 - Verified Apple OS X Entitlements Rootpipe Privilege Escalation osx metasploit
2015-08-24 - Verified Firefox PDF.js Privileged Javascript Injection multiple metasploit
2015-08-18 - Verified Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Authentication Bypass and Code Execution win32 metasploit
2015-08-18 Download Vulnerable Application Verified VideoCharge Studio Buffer Overflow (SEH) windows metasploit
2015-08-18 - Verified Werkzeug Debug Shell Command Execution python metasploit
2015-08-07 Download Vulnerable Application Verified Heroes of Might and Magic III .h3m Map file Buffer Overflow windows metasploit
2015-07-21 - Verified SysAid Help Desk 'rdslogs' Arbitrary File Upload java metasploit
2015-07-17 - Verified D-Link Cookie Command Execution hardware metasploit
2015-07-13 - Verified Accellion FTA getStatus verify_oauth_token Command Execution hardware metasploit
2015-07-13 - Verified VNC Keyboard Remote Code Execution multiple metasploit