Barracuda IMFirewall 620 - Multiple Vulnerabilities









PenTest Information:
GESEC Team (~remove) discover multiple Input Validation Vulnerabilities on Barracuda IM Firewall.
A remote attacker is able to get sensitive customer sessions (client-side)or can implement evil script 
routines & malicious codes(server-side).

Tested on OS:		Windows 7
Tested with Software:	Mozilla Firefox 3.5.x (Portable|Mod) & HTTPsniff

Vulnerable Products: 	Barracuda IM Firewall 620
Affected Versions: 	Model 620 Firmware v4.0.01.003
Vulnerability Type:	Input Validation Vulnerability (Server-Side|Persistent)


Advisory-Status:	Published | 07.12.2009

Advisory-URL: 		http://censored ...
Report-URL:		http://censored ...

Barracuda Networks - Worldwide leader in email and Web security. T

The Barracuda Web Application Firewall is a complete and powerful security solution for Web applications and Web sites. 
The Barracuda Web Application Firewall provides award-winning protection against hackers leveraging protocol or application 
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    * Monitors traffic and provides reports about attackers and attack attempts

The Barracuda IM Firewall is the first product to provide everything an organization needs to control and manage internal 
and external instant messaging (IM) traffic. It combines an integrated IM server and gateway solution that is powerful, 
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can eliminate the security, virus, or compliance risks of instant messaging while harnessing the communications and productivity 
benefits for which IM has become an indispensable asset.

(Copy from the Vendor's Homepage:

More Details
A Input Validation Vulnerability is detected on server-side(persistent) IMFW620. A potencial attacker is able 
to include own bad script routines on server-side(Example;JS;PHP). When exploited by an authenticated user, 
the identified vulnerabilities can lead to Information Disclosure, Session Hijack, access to Intranet 
available servers. For Example ...


undefined&email=[Input Validation Vulnerability]&hostname=[Input Validation Vulnerability]&default_domain=
[Input Validation Vulnerability]&user=guest&password=40aab35d3c647ad41f9e154ea7f15d13&et=1260212946

Proof of Concept
The vulnerabilities can be exploited by potencial attackers. For demonstration ...

Vulnerable Modules:	[+] SMTP Mail - Troubleshooting

As you can see in the mask(Picture 1) its possible to include a test connection on SMTP.
In this Form its possible to include Script-Codes what got be executed after submit on server-side in the cache.
To bypass the restriction of the email filter use a  string like ... >"<script>[Code]</script>

On our Pentests we verified the vulnerability by loading a malicious "bad-example.exe" file out of the firewall application.
XSS, CSRF, Phishing, Script Code Executions & specific manipulations are possible over that Form to get access.

Fix or Patch
Restrict the input fields (;->"<'*",.[]) & format it with htmlspecialchars.
Set clear + working exceptions in the filter & let session expire after errors. Use a better & updated filter mask.

Security Risk
An attacker is able to include malicious script routines on server-side of the Barracuda IM-Firewall.
The security risk is estimated as high because of a server-side.

The author & writer is part of "Global-Evolution" Security(GESEC). 
GESEC Vulnerability-Research Team protects software, services, applications & informs the vendors on a secured base.

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