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| # Title    : MySmartBB 1.0.0 Cross Site Scripting in URI Vulnerability      
| # Author   : indoushka                                                               
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| # Dork     : åÐÇ ÇáãæÞÚ íÚãá Úáì ãäÊÏì MySmartBB 1.0.0                                                                                                              
| # Tested on: windows SP2 Français V.(Pnx2 2.0) + Lunix Français v.(9.4 Ubuntu)       
| # Bug      : XSS                                                                     
======================      Exploit By indoushka       =================================
 # Exploit  : 
Cross Site Scripting in URI
Vulnerability description

This script is possibly vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks.

Cross site scripting (also referred to as XSS) is a vulnerability that allows an attacker to send malicious code (usually in the form of Javascript) to another user. Because a browser cannot know if the script should be trusted or not, it will execute the script in the user context allowing the attacker to access any cookies or session tokens retained by the browser. 

This XSS variant usually appears when a PHP script is using one of following variables without filtering them: 


Those variables are set either by Apache or the PHP engine. Apache is automatically ignoring anything in the URI after the .php extension for mapping script filename, but these variables are containing the full URI.
This vulnerability affects /MySBB/misc.php. 
The impact of this vulnerability
Malicious users may inject JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX, HTML or Flash into a vulnerable application to fool a user in order to gather data from them. An attacker can steal the session cookie and take over the account, impersonating the user. It is also possible to modify the content of the page presented to the user. 

Attack details


2- (test isi it infected by XSS use this cod: <ScRiPt>alert(213771818860)</ScRiPt> in the box)

3- (to confirm is it infected)

4- send a msg to admin and use cookie graber 2 get the pass to login>'><ScRiPt>alert(469588561854)</ScRiPt>>'><ScRiPt>alert(213771818860)</ScRiPt>>'><ScRiPt>alert(213771818860)</ScRiPt>>'><ScRiPt>alert(213771818860)</ScRiPt>>'><ScRiPt>alert(213771818860)</ScRiPt>>'><ScRiPt>alert(213771818860)</ScRiPt>>'><ScRiPt>alert(213771818860)</ScRiPt>

How to fix this vulnerability

Your script should filter metacharacters from user input.

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