Joomla! Component Freestyle FAQ Lite 1.3 - 'faqid' SQL Injection







Joomla Freestyle FAQ Lite Component 1.3 (faqid) SQL Injection

Author		: Chip D3 Bi0s
Group		: LatinHackTeam
Email & msn	:
Date		: 05 april 2010
Critical Lvl	: Moderate
Impact		: Exposure of sensitive information
Where		: From Remote

Affected software description:

Application	: Freestyle FAQ Lite 
version		: 1.3
Developer	: Freestyle Joomla
License		: GPLv2           type  : Non-Commercial
Date Added	: 22 March 2010
Download	:
Demo		:

Description     :

Freestyle FAQ Lite is designed to provide you with a highly customised
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) module on your Joomla website.
There are various customisable options, you can display FAQs under
a menu item or within a module.

• Multiple categories
• Search all FAQs
• Add an image for each category
• Link directly to a FAQ category or article from a menu item
• View all FAQs at once (option to hide this)
• Module to list FAQ categories anywhere on any page
• Full image and html support for each FAQ
• WYSIWYG editor for FAQs
• Attach full html description to each category FAQs can be toggled as published or unpublished
• Various Joomla back end parameters
• Multiple view modes for question list - Normal list - clicking a category takes you to a different page with FAQ list
• Multiple FAQ list modes - All questions and answers on one page


how to exploit{sql}


[!] Produced in South America