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Joomla Component Zoom Portfolio (id) Remote Sql Injection

Author		: Chip D3 Bi0s
Group		: LatinHackTeam
Email & msn	:
Date		: 23 August 2010
Critical Lvl	: Moderate
Impact		: Exposure of sensitive information
Where		: From Remote

Affected software description:

Application	: Zoom Portfolio --Joomla Portfolio Component
version		: 1.5 
Price		: $20.00 
Developer	: EGBZOOM
License		: GPLv2 or later           type  : Commercial
Date Added	: 21 August 2010
Download	:

Description     :

Zoom Portfolio enables you to display your portfolio in a "directory listing-like
presentation" with minimum effort.The Component has features like add category
add images,settings,add portfolio .Zoom Portfolio includes automatic thumbnail creation,
captioning, searching and more.It also includes the ability to modify and delete any
of your existing pages.
The Zoom Portfolio is an amazing example of what can be done online with your online
presence. It is directed at artists of all walks of life, it is very easy to install
and customize, and it is just simply stunning. 


How to exploit[sql]


[!] Produced in South America