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abysssec Inc Public Advisory
1) Advisory information

  Title                   :  Rainbowportal Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities
  Version                 :  Rainbow 2.0 Production/Stable ( VS 2005 | VS 2008 .NET 2.0-3.5
  Discovery               :  http://www.abysssec.com
  Vendor                  :  http://www.rainbowportal.net
  Impact                  :  Critical
  Contact                 :  shahin [at] abysssec.com , info  [at] abysssec.com
  Twitter                 :  @abysssec

2) Vulnerability Information

        1- Login Weakness
        2- Non-persistent XSS
        3- Persistent XSS
        4- SQL Injection
A successful exploit can allow an attacker to steal cookie-based authentication credentials, compromise the application, access or modify data, or exploit latent vulnerabilities in the underlying database. 

Remotely Exploitable
Locally Exploitable
3) Vulnerabilities detail

1- Login Weakness:

  You can Login to Rainbow with two ways:
  	1- Insert Email and Password
  	2- Insert UserID and Password

  By Default for Rainbow Admin can login to CMS with (With no Encryption): UserID=1, Password=Admin
  Therefor maybe you can login to Rainbow with 1 and Admin. 
  Valnerable Code:
in  ../Rainbow/Security/Security.cs

  ln 473:   usr = accountSystem.Login(uid, password, portalSettings.PortalID);

2- Non-persistent XSS Vulnerabilities:
 In these URLs you can see the Non-persistent XSS Vulnerabilities:
(this page just accessable for Admin)  

(this page accessable for All users)
Reason: the number: 200000000000002 is not an Int value. As a result an Error Accurred.
At all in another steps that you can create an Error in CMS , you can create an XSS with Error Page.
3-Persistent XSS Vulnerabilities:
 In these Modules you can find Persistent XSS that data saves with no sanitization: 
1-	Module name: MileStones 
 Fields     : Title, Status
Access URL:  
Vulnerable Code:
In ../Rainbow/DesktopModules/Milestones/MilestonesEdit.aspx.cs

ln 108:   milestonesDb.AddMilestones(ItemID, ModuleID, PortalSettings.CurrentUser.Identity.Email, DateTime.Now, TitleField.Text, DateTime.Parse(EstCompleteDate.Text), StatusBox.Text);

  2- Module name: Contacts
    Fields     : Name, Role, Office, Mobile, Fax, Address
    Access URL: 

Vulnerable Code:
In ../Rainbow/DesktopModules/Contacts/ContactsEdit.aspx.cs

ln 195:   contacts.AddContact( ModuleID, ItemID, PortalSettings.CurrentUser.Identity.Email, NameField.Text, RoleField.Text, EmailField.Text, Contact1Field.Text, Contact2Field.Text, FaxField.Text, AddressField.Text);

3- Module name: Blog
 Fields     : Title, Name, Comments
 Access URL: 

Vulnerable Code:
In ../Rainbow/DesktopModules/Blog/BlogView.aspx.cs

ln 133:   blogDB.AddBlogComment(ModuleID, ItemID, this.txtName.Text, 
					this.txtTitle.Text, this.txtURL.Text, this.txtComments.Text);

  4- Module name: Announcements
Field: Title 
Access URL: 

In ../Rainbow/DesktopModules/Announcements/AnnouncementsEdit.aspx.cs

 ln 213:   announcementDB.AddAnnouncement(ModuleID, ItemID, PortalSettings.CurrentUser.Identity.Email, TitleField.Text, DateTime.Parse(ExpireField.Text),DesktopText.Text, MoreLinkField.Text, MobileMoreField.Text);

  5- Module name: EnhancedLinks
 Fields     : Title, Description
 Access URL: 

Vulnerable Code:
In ../Rainbow/DesktopModules/EnhancedLinks/EnhancedLinksEdit.aspx.cs

 ln 151:   enhancedLinks.AddEnhancedLink(ModuleID, ItemID, PortalSettings.CurrentUser.Identity.Email, TitleField.Text, UrlField.Text, MobileUrlField.Text, Int32.Parse(ViewOrderField.Text), DescriptionField.Text, Src.Text, 0, TargetField.SelectedItem.Text);

6- Module name: Documents
Fields     : Filename, Category
Access URL: 

Vulnerable Code:
In  ../Rainbow/DesktopModules/EnhancedLinks/EnhancedLinksEdit.aspx.cs

ln 151:   enhancedLinks.AddEnhancedLink(ModuleID, ItemID, PortalSettings.CurrentUser.Identity.Email, TitleField.Text, UrlField.Text, MobileUrlField.Text, Int32.Parse(ViewOrderField.Text), DescriptionField.Text, Src.Text, 0, TargetField.SelectedItem.Text);

4- SQL Injection Vulnerability:
This Vulnerability exists in (Search Site - via DB) Module.
In the Rainbow.Helpers.SearchDefinition class (../Rainbow/Helpers/SearchDefinition.cs) and in the SearchSqlSelect() function (ln 328), the body of query builds  in the FilterString(searchStr) function (ln 305) and some words and letters blocks. Words like "select","char",  "--", "'", ";" , etc . But no filter exist for "Union","Execute" , "sp_" , etc.
Techniques that we use to bypass filtering are listed fallow:
1- A keyword "AddExtraSQL:" uses in query that Allows you to create any query you prefer. This is inborn Logic of Program. (ln 344)
2- For bypass ";" , "select" and "--" filtering , we use "s;e;l;e;c;t" and ";-;-".
3- The input value that you entered, must be one expression but without any spaces, so we use "/**/" Instead of space.

4- Instead of a Date value we use "1/1/1900" 
5- Instead of an unique identifier value we use NEWID() method that was Built in SqlServer.
6- For evade logging, We use "sp_password" in query.

As a result you can input value for Bypass filters and access critical information from Database :  	

After that results will be shown in DataGrid in Page.

With another value, we can retrieve Information’s of Users:


That the value of Email is Abstract column   and   Password is Title column and you can Login to Rainbow with this value.         

With another value like this, we can add an Admin User to CMS with "rb_AddUser" stored procedure:

For gain better results, for search, you can just select "Announcements" from Module ComboBox.