Muster Render Farm Management System - Arbitrary File Download







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#Name: Muster Render Farm Management System Arbitrary File Download 
#Vendor Website : 
#Date Released : November 29, 2011 
#Affected Software : Muster < 6.20 
#Researcher : Nick Freeman (

#Description has discovered a vulnerability with the Muster 6.1.6 web management server. This issue #can be exploited by an unauthenticated user to gain full control of the web management interface, and to send #arbitrary commands to all Muster clients.

#It is possible to download any file on the Muster server by exploiting a vulnerability in the web server. By #using directory traversal characters (\..\..\) in the URL, it is possible to specify any file on the file #system to be served to the client. Exploitation of this vulnerability does not require authentication. The #table below includes an example HTTP Request that would allow the download of the “muster.db” SQLite database:

#Example of Malicious HTTP Request :

GET /a\..\..\muster.db 
HTTP/1.1 Host: musterserver:8690

#This SQLite database contains a table with all users of the application together with base64-encoded #passwords. By retrieving this database or other similar configuration files, it is possible to gain #administrative access over the render farm.

#A patch is available from the vendor’s website. Version 6.20 remediates this vulnerability.