Cloupia End-to-end FlexPod Management - Directory Traversal








*Cloupia End-to-end FlexPod Management - Directory Traversal Vulnerability***

*Advisory Information*

Advisory ID: KUSTODIAN-2011-011

Date published: Jan 13, 2011

*Vulnerability Information*

Class: Directory Traversal

Remotely Exploitable: Yes

Locally Exploitable: Yes

*Software Description*

Provides end-to-end FlexPod management and automation across physical,
virtual, compute, storage and network resources.

Create internal private clouds rapidly with internal standards and
procedures to maximize the infrastructure investments.

Provides comprehensive physical and virtual infrastructure management and

Provides unified solution and single pane of glass for consistent and
connected experience across private, public & hybrid clouds.

*Vulnerability Description*

jQuery File Tree is a configurable, AJAX file browser plugin for the jQuery
javascript library utilised within the Cloupia application framework.

Unauthenticated access to this module allows a remote attacker to browse
the entire file system of the host server, beyond the realm of the web
service itself.

Cloupia are aware of this flaw and are releasing a patch to mitigate
access. End users are urged to update immediately by contacting the vendor.

* **Technical Description*

The following process performed as an attacker to exploit this
vulnerability would be as follows:

The code for the jQuery File Tree Java-Server-Page file reads as follows:

<%@ page




  * jQuery File Tree JSP Connector

  * Version 1.0

  * Copyright 2008 Joshua Gould

  * 21 April 2008


    String dir = request.getParameter("dir");

    if (dir == null) {



        if (dir.charAt(dir.length()-1) == '\\') {

        dir = dir.substring(0, dir.length()-1) + "/";

        } else if (dir.charAt(dir.length()-1) != '/') {

            dir += "/";


    if (new File(dir).exists()) {

               String[] files = new File(dir).list(new FilenameFilter() {

                   public boolean accept(File dir, String name) {

                               return name.charAt(0) != '.';



               Arrays.sort(files, String.CASE_INSENSITIVE_ORDER);

               out.print("<ul class=\"jqueryFileTree\" style=\"display:

               // All dirs

               for (String file : files) {

                   if (new File(dir, file).isDirectory()) {

                               out.print("<li class=\"directory
collapsed\"><a href=\"#\" rel=\"" + dir + file + "/\">"

                                      + file + "</a></li>");



               // All files

               for (String file : files) {

                   if (!new File(dir, file).isDirectory()) {

                               int dotIndex = file.lastIndexOf('.');

                               String ext = dotIndex > 0 ?
file.substring(dotIndex + 1) : "";

                               out.print("<li class=\"file ext_" + ext +
"\"><a href=\"#\" rel=\"" + dir + file + "\">"

                                      + file + "</a></li>");







This vulnerability was discovered by Chris Rock <> and
from Kustodian


The contents of this advisory are copyright (c) Kustodian Security and may
be distributed freely provided that no fee is charged for this distribution
and proper credit is given.