Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.1 / Microsoft IIS 3.0/4.0 / Microsoft Index Server 2.0 / Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition 3.0 i386 MDAC - RDS (2)







MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) is a package used to integrate web and database services. It includes a component named RDS (Remote Data Services). RDS allows remote access via the internet to database objects through IIS. Both are included in a default installation of the Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack, but can be excluded via a custom installation.
RDS includes a component called the DataFactory object, which has a vulnerability that could allow any web user to:
--Obtain unauthorized access to unpublished files on the IIS server
--Use MDAC to tunnel ODBC requests through to a remote internal or external location, thereby obtaining access to non-public servers or effectively masking the source of an attack on another network.
The main risk in this vulnerability is the following:
--If the Microsoft JET OLE DB Provider or Microsoft DataShape Provider are installed, a user could use the shell() VBA command on the server with System privileges. (See the Microsoft JET Database Engine VBA Vulnerability for more information). These two vulnerabilities combined can allow an attacker on the Internet to run arbitrary commands with System level privileges on the target host. 

--RDSExploit information:
How it Works:
        The Intent of RDS Exploit is Deliver Shell comands into the machine or Retrive some DATA from a ODBC valid conection.
1. Seting ODBC Conection:
First of all you will need to know some valid DSN, the UID (User ID) and Password.  Put the information about the conection into "Connection Properties":
Data Source: The DSN Conection Name (it MUST be a registered DSN)
User ID: Login (it can be null sometimes)
Password: Password (it can be null sometimes)Â Â 
Mode: The way you want to open the Table (Read Only or Read and Write)
You must follow the order above and don't forget the ; to separate the options
 It can be for instance a line like this:
"Data Source=AdvWorks;User ID=;Password=;Mode=Read|Write;"
2. SQL Comands:
Put into the "SQL Parameters" box the command line you want to deliver for example:
"SELECT * FROM Products"

3. Host:
 You MUST Enter the host like this http://server  DON'T FORGET HTTP:// or it'll not work.
After all done, just click in the button "Retrieve Data" and see what happens =)