Microsoft Windows NT 4.0/SP1/SP2/SP3/SP4/SP5 - RASMAN Privilege Escalation








Any authenticated NT user (ie domain user) can modify the pathname for the RASMAN binary in the Registry. The next time the RAS Service is started, the (trojan) service referenced by the RASMAN pathname will be executed with system privileges. This trojan service may allow the User to execute commands on the target server as an administrator, including elevating the privileges of their own account to that of Administrator. A modified (UNC) pathname may be used to point to an executable existing on another host on the network. 

19502-1.exe <binary pathname> will modify the RASMAN/ImagePath key in the Registry with the service executable to be run in its place. 19502-2.exe (author supplied) is a sample trojan service that may be run. This executable runs a service which launches a netcat listener on tcp port 123. (nc -d -L -p 123 -e cmd.exe). (This service may or may not run with errors.)