OTRS 3.x - FAQ Module Persistent Cross-Site Scripting







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# Exploit Title: [OTRS Faq Module - Persistent  XSS]

# Date: [2-Apr-2013]
# Exploit Author: [Luigi Vezzoso]
# Vendor Homepage: [http://www.otrs.com]
# Version: [OTRS ITSM 3.2.x,OTRS ITSM 3.1.x,OTRS ITSM 3.0.x]
# Tested on: [Perl]
# CVE : [CVE-2013-2637]

The OTRS ITSM FAQ Module 3.2.x and below is vulnerable to a persistant XSS that permit some client side attack like cookies grabbing.

OTRS (http://www.otrs.com) is a flexible Help Desk and IT-Service Management Software distribuited as opensource project (AGPL License) and also as-a-service. WIth a 1,650,000 downloads and 110,000 installation is one of the most used ticketing and service management software in the world.

The FAQ Module permit to share FAQ documents to Admins (called Agents in OTRS), Customers and everyone. The documents are presented like a wiki. Each user with the permission of add a FAQ can create a custom FAQ with the exploit. Each user that can view that FAQ (also the admin) can trigger the XSS. 

The user can add JavaScript in the "Syntoms" of FAQ like the simplest:	<script>alert("H4cked!!  "+document.cookie);</script>

 <li class="Customer Visible">
                <div class="MessageHeader">
                    <div class="Clear"></div>
                <div class="ArticleFAQContent">
                    <div class="message">
                        <script>alert("H4cked!!  "+document.cookie);</script>

OTRS ITSM 3.2.x, OTRS ITSM 3.1.x, OTRS ITSM 3.0.x, FAQ 2.1.x, FAQ 2.0.x

Referer to vendor security advisor @ http://www.otrs.com/en/open-source/community-news/security-advisories/security-advisory-2013-02/

Luigi Vezzoso 
email:	luigivezzoso@gmail.com
skype:	luigivezzoso