ManageEngine OpManager 11.5 - Multiple Vulnerabilities













Exploit Title: ManageEngine OpManager multiple vulnerabilities
Product: ManageEngine OpManager
Vulnerable Versions: v11.5 and previous versions
Tested Version: v11.5 (Windows)
Advisory Publication: 14/09/2015
Vulnerability Type: hardcoded credentials, SQL query protection bypass
Credit: xistence <xistence[at]>

Product Description

ManageEngine OpManager is a network, server, and virtualization monitoring
software that helps SMEs, large enterprises and service providers manage
their data centers and IT infrastructure efficiently and cost effectively.
Automated workflows, intelligent alerting engines, configurable discovery
rules, and extendable templates enable IT teams to setup a 24x7 monitoring
system within hours of installation.
Do-it-yourself plug-ins extend the scope of management to include network
change and configuration management and IP address management as well as
monitoring of networks, applications, databases, virtualization and
NetFlow-based bandwidth.

Vulnerability Details

ManageEngine OpManager ships with a default account "IntegrationUser" with
the password "plugin". This account is hidden from the user interface and
will never show up in the user management. Also changing the password for
this account is not possible by default. The account however is assigned
Administrator privileges and logging in with this account is possible via
the web interface.

Below you can see the account in the PostgreSQL database after a fresh

C:\ManageEngine\OpManager\pgsql\bin>psql.exe -h -p 13306 -U
postgres -d OpManagerDB
psql (9.2.4)

OpManagerDB=# select * from userpasswordtable where userid = 2;
userid | username | password | ownername | domainname | sipenabled
2 | IntegrationUser | d7962CgyJ | NULL | NULL | false
(1 row)

The above password decrypted is "plugin".

Any account that has access to the web interface with Administrator rights
can use a web form (/api/json/admin/SubmitQuery) to execute SQL queries on
the backend PostgreSQL instance.
By default restrictions apply and queries that start with
INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE are not allowed to be executed, this is however very
easy to bypass by using something like "INSERT/**/INTO...". The "/**/"
comment will create a space and the function is not detected by OpManager's
protection and will be executed.

The PostgreSQL environment runs as SYSTEM under Windows. By writing a WAR
payload to the "tomcat/webroot" directory, the WAR payload will be deployed
automatically and will give a shell with SYSTEM privileges.

A metasploit module will be release shortly.


ManageEngine has provided a patch to fix this issue:

Advisory Timeline

05/17/2015 - Discovery and vendor notification
05/22/2015 - ManageEngine acknowledged issue
07/10/2015 - Requested status update
07/17/2015 - ManageEngine supplied fix
07/24/2015 - ManageEngine provied definitive fix at
09/14/2015 - Public disclosure