Orange Inventel LiveBox 5.08.3-sp - Cross-Site Request Forgery









# Exploit Title: Orange Inventel LiveBox CSRF
# Google Dork: N/A
# Date: 10-24-2016
# Exploit Author: BlackMamba TEAM (BM1)
# Vendor Homepage: N/A
# Version: Inventel - v5.08.3-sp
# Tested on: Windows 7 64bit
# CVE : N/A
# Category: Hardware

1. Description
This Router is vulnerable to Cross Site Request Forgery , a hacker can send a well crafted link or well crafted web page(see the POC) to the administrator.
and thus change the admin password (without the need to know the old one).
this affects the other  settings too (SSID name , SSID Security ,enabling disabling the firewall.......).

2. Proof of Concept
this link once clicked the admin password is changed to "blackmamba" (withouth ")

<a href="">Cats !!!</a>

this link once clicked sets the SSID to "BLACKMAMBA" with the security to NONE (open wirless network)
<a href="">Dogs :D !!!</a>

3. Mitigation
this is kinda obvious but DO NOT click on links you can't verify there origine specialy when connected to the Router's interface.

From the Moroccan team : BLACK MAMBA (by BM1)