CDNetworks Nefficient Download - 'NeffyLauncher.dll' Code Execution







Title: CDNetworks Nefficient Download(NeffyLauncher.dll) Vulnerabilities
Author: Simon Ryeo(bar4mi (at), barami (at)
Severity: High
Impact: Remote Code Execution
Vulnerable Systems: MS Windows Systems
Version: NeffyLauncher 1.0.5 {AA07EBD2-EBDD-4BD6-9F8F-114BD513492C}
Solution: Upgrade the vendor's patch
Vendor's Homepage:
Reference: How to stop an ActiveX control from running in Internet Explorer

  - 02.27.2008: Initiate notify
  - 03.06.2008: The vendor patched
  - After: The vendor are applying the patch to their customers.

Neffycient Download is a ActiveX control used to download and to upgrade
such as game install files through HTTP, FTP, etc. It has two
1st, a attacker can copy a malicious file to any path such as start program
folder(C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup).
2nd, a attacker can issue keycodes which are used to restrict execution on
other domains.

I notify this vulnerability not to promote abnormal uses but to make
a software more secure. This vulnerability was patched by the vendor's
positive effort. I hope this information helps many people who try
to study security and to develop an application.

1. Remote Code Execution
First of all, we must have write permission on a board in a web site used
this ActiveX or obtain a valid keycode which is correct to your site.
An Attacker who has a valid keycode can make a expolit by modifying
SkinPath's values. Malicious files which is on attacker's site must
be compressed as ZIP file.
For instance. The below modification copies abnormal files to Windows's
root directory.
<PARAM NAME="HttpSkin" VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME="SkinPath" VALUE="../../../../">

In this way an attacker can modify SkinPath's value to All Users's Start
Program Folder. Then he can execute his malicious program when the user
restarts his computer.

2. Generating a KeyCode Value
An attacker can make the keycode generator by debugging this ActiveX
control. A keycode's value has two meaning. First two digits represent
the domain's length(hexadecimal).
Next five(or more) digits are valuable numbers to calculate a domain.
The keycode check the procedure of this ActiveX control likes below.
It calculates the keycode's value and returns four bytes as a result.
Next it starts the domain's calculation and returns four bytes.
Finally, it compares with these four bytes to check whether the site is
I made a PoC using inline assembly and C. But it doesn't open to the public
because of the vendor's request. (Just refer above descriptions.)

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