Nokia Mini Map Browser - 'Array Sort' Silent Crash












Security Research Advisory

Vulnerability name: Nokia Browser Array Sort Denial Of Service Vulnerability
Advisory number: LC-2008-04
Advisory URL:

1) Affected Software 

* Nokia Mini Map Browser (S60WebKit <= 21772) 

The tested device has the following User-Agent: 
Mozilla/5.0 (SymbianOS/9.2;U;Series60/3.1 NokiaE90-1/210.34.75 
Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1) AppleWebKit/413 (KHTML) 

Note: Although the Nokia Web Browser is built upon a port of the 
open source WebKit used by Apple for its browser, the iPhone is not 
affected (at least the iPhone firmware version 2.0.2(5C1))

2) Severity 

Severity: Low
Local/Remote: Remote

3) Summary

The Web Browser for S60 (formally called Nokia Mini Map Browser) is a web 
browser for the S60 mobile phone platform developed by Nokia. 
It is built upon S60WebKit, a port of the open source WebKit project to the S60
platform. According to several sources, the S60 software on Symbian OS is the 
world’s most popular software for smartphones.

This version of the Nokia Mini Map Browser does not properly validate JavaScript
input embedded in visited HTML pages. An aggressor can easily trigger Denial of
Service attacks.


4) Vulnerability Details

The Nokia Mini Map Browser is prone to a vulnerability that may result in the 
application silent crash. Arbitrary code execution is probably not possible.
The problem arises in the JavaScript core of the S60WebKit, invoking the sort() 
function on a recursive array.
A similar behavior was observed some years ago in several browsers due to 
the common code base (BID-12331, BID-11762, BID-11760, BID-11759, 

5) Exploit 

Embed in an HTML page the following JavaScript:
foo = new Array();
while(true) {foo = new Array(foo).sort();}

6) Fix Information 


7) Time Table 

08/09/2008 - Vendor notified.
15/09/2008 - Vendor response.
??/??/???? - Vendor patch release.
10/10/2008 - Public disclosure.

8) Credits 

Discovered by Luca Carettoni - luca.carettoni[at]ikkisoft[dot]com

9) Legal Notices

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publishing based on currently available information. 
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that the content is not altered in any way, except reformatting, and that due 
credit is given.

This vulnerability has been disclosed in accordance with the RFP 
Full-Disclosure Policy v2.0, available at:


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