Apple iTunes 7.5.5 - '.mov' Multiple Off By Overflows (PoC)








Quicktime/Itunes Multiple Remote Off By One Overflow

Application: Itunes 7.5.5 (249.26)(-> version 990.7)

Web Site:

Platform: Windows *, OS X *

Bug: Off by one overflow

Tested agains: Itunes 7.5.5 on XP SP3 fully patched


1) Introduction

2) Bug

3) Proof of concept

4) Credits


1) Introduction


"Many of today's leading authoring, multimedia and entertainment applications rely on QuickTime to do the heavy lifting.
QuickTime contains a rich set of developer APIs for handling almost any audio, video and media task.
Easily make your application multimedia-enabled with QuickTime."


2) Bug

Quicktime & itunes fails to handle long arguments on a .mov file.
Quicktime is compiled with the /GS cookie on , so the bug get handled with an exit code :
but ...
Itunes doesn't seems to be compiled with the /GS flag, so we get some code execution possible via Itunes.
The PoC give's us full control over EAX & EDI
Itunes call unsafely the Quicktime function to play the .mov, so we can trigger a possible code execution
via this unsafe call to quicktime héhéhé :)
The only problem, is the lengh of the buffer overflowed :(
erf ... 49 bytes, less the 8 bytes controlling the EDI & EAX registers so 41.
i've tryed to find a way to fill some buffer in the .mov to get some code exec working on this poc,
but out of luck, i guess someone will maybe be able to do some magic tricks :)


3)Proof of concept



use strict;

my $movfile =
"\x41\x42\x43\x44". #EDI here
"\x61\x62\x63\x64". #EAX here

open(out, ">");
print (out $movfile);

//if you build this same payload , with a couple of bytes before theses null bytes you will trigger the same bug but in a different way ...



laurent gaffié


# [2008-11-30]