+htpasswd +WS_FTP.LOG filetype:log





Google Dork Description:

+htpasswd +WS_FTP.LOG filetype:log

WS_FTP.LOG can be used in many ways to find more information about a server. This query is very flexible, just substitute "+htpasswd" for "+FILENAME" and you may get several hits that you hadn't seen with the 'normal' search. Filenames suggested by the forum to explore are: phpinfo, admin, MySQL, password, htdocs, root, Cisco, Oracle, IIS, resume, inc, sql, users, mdb, frontpage, CMS, backend, https, editor, intranet . The list goes on and on..A different approach might be "allinurl: "some.host.com" WS_FTP.LOG filetype:log" which tells you more about who's uploading files to a specific site.