intitle:"index of" "onetoc2" "one"





Google Dork Description:

intitle:"index of" "onetoc2" "one"

# Exploit Title: intitle:"index of" "onetoc2" "one"

# Google Dork: intitle:"index of" "onetoc2" "one"

# Date: 04/06/2015

# Exploit Author: Sphearis

# Vendor Homepage: NA

# Software Link: NA

# Version: NA

# Tested on: ALL

# CVE : NA

This dork allows you to see Onenote files stored in the open(*.one). These

files can be read easily with Onenote or a compatible viewer, no password,

no encryption.

The onetoc2 is added, it's a worthless file but is always inside a folder

containing one or several onenote files(and it obviously helps narrowing

the search to what we're looking for).