intitle:"DVR Web client"





Google Dork Description:

intitle:"DVR Web client"

This embedded DVR is quick plug and play. Just plug it in and it will start recording. You can view all the cameras at once or one at a time. Allows individual pictures to come up on play back or all together. The best feature is the ability to connect via a network and play back existing stored video or view images live.* Four Channel Input* Horizontal Resolution 480 Lines* 16.7 Million Color Output* Display In Quad or Single Image (Full MultiPlex)* Motion Detection* Scheduling* Zoom in Live and Playback* 720H X 480V (Full) 360H X 240V In Quad* 0.1 FPS Thru 15 FPS each camera (60 FPS Total)* Web Interface TCP/IP With Client Software* Back-Up With Mark Image, VCR, Time Lapse, Remote Client Software* Full Remote Camera Controls (PTZ), Alarms, Wiper, Fans, Etc.