Archived security papers and articles in various languages.

Date D Title Author
2015-11-17 [Portuguese] Ataques Avançados contra CPL (Control Panel Applets) firebitsbr
2015-11-06 Win32_bind Shellcode Review cpt_gibbon
2015-10-25 [Portuguese] Using Printer Layout as a Vector for Malicious Code Insertion c4io
2015-10-15 Writing Cisco IOS Rootkits Luca
2015-10-15 New Methods in Automated XSS Detection Kenneth F. Bel.
2015-10-05 [Persian] How Yalu Works Mahyar Rezghi
2015-10-02 [Hebrew] Digital Whisper Security Magazine #65 cp77fk4r & Und.
2015-09-24 Deep Dive into .NET Malwares Sudeep Singh
2015-09-23 Content-Based Blind Injection Using By Double Substring zamteng
2015-09-22 [Persian] Jailbreak Payloads From Star to TaiG Mahyar Rezghi
2015-09-15 .NET MVC ReDoS (Denial of Service) Vulnerability - MS15-101 Roberto Suggi .
2015-09-15 Abusing Windows Opener To Bypass CSRF Protection Narendra Bhati
2015-09-09 Evading All Web-Application Firewalls XSS Filters Mazin Ahmed
2015-09-08 Shoot zend_executor_globals to bypass php disable_functions ylbhz
2015-09-06 Compromising ISP Issued 802.11 Wireless Cable Modem Networks for Profit GuerrillaWarfa.
2015-09-06 [Hebrew] Digital Whisper Security Magazine #63 cp77fk4r & Und.
2015-09-06 [Hebrew] Digital Whisper Security Magazine #64 cp77fk4r & Und.
2015-09-02 [Persian] Cracking WPA/WPA2 with Rainbow Table Soheil Rezasho.
2015-09-02 [Persian] Pyrit Cluster with Kali Linux Soheil Rezasho.
2015-08-31 How to HeapSpray and Exploit Memory Corruption in IIS6 ylbhz