abctab2ps 1.6.3 - 'Write_Heading' '.ABC' Remote Buffer Overflow








abctab2ps is reported prone to a remote buffer overflow vulnerability. This issue arises because the application fails to carry out proper boundary checks before copying user-supplied data in to sensitive process buffers. It is reported that this issue can allow an attacker to gain unauthorized access to a computer in the context of the application.

This vulnerability exists in the 'write_heading()' function.

An attacker can exploit this issue by crafting a malicious ABC file that contains excessive string data, replacement memory addresses, and executable instructions to trigger this issue.

If a user obtains this file and processes it through the application, the attacker-supplied instructions may be executed on the vulnerable computer. It is reported that successful exploitation may result in a compromise in the context of the application.

abctab2ps version 1.6.3 is reported prone to this vulnerability. It is likely that other versions are affected as well.