Netsweeper 4.0.8 - Authentication Bypass (via New Profile Creation)







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+ Netsweeper 4.0.8 - Authentication Bypass (New Profile Creation) +
Affected Product: Netsweeper
Vendor Homepage :
Version 	: 4.0.8 (and probably other versions)
Discovered by  	: Anastasios Monachos (secuid0) - [anastasiosm (at) gmail (dot) com]
Patched      	: Yes
CVE		: CVE-2014-9618

+ Product Description +
Netsweeper is a software solution specialized in content filtering.

+ Exploitation Details +
Netsweeper's 4.0.8 (and probably other versions) Client Filter Admin portal can be reached at http://netsweeper/webadmin/clientlogin/ and a username/password combination is required to Add a Profile, by setting the "action" parameter to "showdeny" it will force the admin interface to load and subsequently allow any non-authenticated user to create a new profile.

URL Path: http://netsweeper/webadmin/clientlogin/?srid=&action=showdeny&url=

+ Solution +
Upgrade to latest version.

+ Disclosure Timeline +
24-Nov-2014: Initial Communication
03-Dec-2014: Netsweeper responded
03-Dec-2014: Shared full details to replicate the issue
10-Dec-2014: Netsweeper fixed the issue in releases 3.1.10, 4.0.9, 4.1.2
17-Dec-2014: New releases 3.1.10, 4.0.9, 4.1.2 made available to the public
18-Dec-2014: Confirm fix
17-Jan-2015: CVE assigned CVE-2014-9618
11-Aug-2015: Public disclosure